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This site,, exists to provide independent, high-quality criticism of the European Union.


The site is not financially backed by any organisation. It’s therefore not beholden to any particular ideology or party line, e.g., to renegotiate the EU’s structure radically then stay in. There’s no overall ideology; the EU can be attacked from the left and the right.

The editor is Martin Keegan, who believes that the UK, and pretty much everyone else, should leave the EU.

High Quality

Attention is finite. We’re only awake so many hours a day. Bad eurosceptic arguments are actively counterproductive, as they divert attention from good eurosceptic arguments. Vichy Euroscepticism just helps the other side.

On, you won’t find anyone advancing these sorts of arguments, about “superstates”, “sovereignty” or the symbolism of the EU. These are a waste of precious time, and in any case, the EU has a very nice flag. It just shouldn’t be allowed to be flown from public buildings in the UK.

There are people on all sides of the EU debate who are very intellectually dishonest. Some eurosceptics and europhiles just make things up (quite a few of the stories in the UK press about crazy Brussels regulations don’t have even a grain of truth in them. Others do). Neither side is accountable for the lies told in its name. I’m happy to attack both sides when they’re not telling the truth.

The problem is somewhat one-sided though: many Europhiles aren’t even aware there is a coherent, intellectually honest case to be made against their position … and when they realise their position is indefensible, a lot of them resort to denial too.

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